Parenting is tough, and on a daily basis we find ourselves escaping into our phones to switch off reality for a few moments and find solace in social media. But all too often this results in us being sucked down a virtual rabbit hole filled with content which is more likely to wind us up than calm us down. That said, Instagram has some really great accounts which can offer calm digestible content geared for parental support. So we have rounded up some really useful Instagram examples for you to follow which will hopefully invigorate tired parents with supportive content backed by professional expertise. 


Jennifer is a registered dietitian who posts bite-sized pieces of nutritional content for parents. Her Instagram content not only focuses on food, but also works towards promoting a positive food culture in your home. She understands that moms can’t do it all and gives busy parents permission to do what they can and not sweat the rest. Her posts are filled with simple recipes, useful video content filled with tips on how to think about healthy family eating, with beautifully designed photos. 


Eli Harwood is a therapist, wife and mom with some seriously useful things to say about how families relate to each other. Her handle has the term ‘attachment’ in it which is a psychodynamic term relating to the special emotional relationship between two people which involves an exchange of comfort, care and pleasure. Her posts and video content have useful ideas about how to think constructively in a parent-child dyad and how to navigate the tricky dynamic when people love in very different ways.


Siggie Cohen offers accessible video content to guide parents on how to talk to their kids in constructive ways. She tackles tricky subject matter like sibling dynamics, validation and handling pushback from your child. Her angle is to help parents understand what their child might be thinking and feeling in their interactions in order to reset the dynamics and introduce a more open and less confrontation home environment.


This child therapist duo are here to help parents tackle those tricky toddler dynamics. Their posts are focussed on kids ages 1 – 6 and they offer great ideas on how to manage your frustrations as a parent with a fresh take on time outs, sibling rivalry, helping toddlers listen and more. They talk about difficult subjects in digestible ways and provide simple but punchy talk points which will inspire new thinking. 


Genevieve Putter is an ex-South African now living in New Zealand. Her work is dedicated to helping moms wade through those tough postpartum months when there is a massive adjustment to the ‘new normal’ of parenting. She is also a doula and offers postpartum group and individual support to moms. Her Instagram content is incredibly thoughtful, often sharing well-thought insights into the myths and pain points of mothering. 

The bottom line

If we are going to be ticking up those minutes (or hours) on Instagram, it might as well be with content that enriches the mind and empathises with what it means to be a parent. So fill your feed with as much useful content as possible ensuring that that time spent on social media really builds you up and re-energises you for the day ahead.


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