Three Tips To Encourage Mindful Eating For Kids

How do you begin to help your child be more mindful around eating and develop a good relationship with food? In this month’s blog we consider how to help your child connect with their tummies and minds, creating a healthier outlook on food and a better relationship with eating and themselves. What is mindful eating? […]

The Beauty of Dads

Whether you had a very present dad or you lost yours at an early age, whether you were a little intimidated by yours, or if your dad was your ‘everything’, a father is a powerful symbol that affects us from an incredibly early age. Dads forever inscribe what your child will consider acceptable and loving. […]

Are We Allowed To Help Our Kids Slow Down?

We live in a culture that encourages rat-race living with intense pressures all around, propelling us to fill our children’s time with loads of activities, extra-murals and all-around busyness. In this month’s blog, we think about what might be driving this intense activity, and how we can empower our kids to step out of the […]

How To Help Your Shy Child Make More Friends & Thrive

It can be surprisingly tough for a parent to manage having a shy child. But ‘shy’ isn’t necessarily a personality type. It can also be a way of managing the world and mediating pressuring situations. So how can we think more carefully about what may be going on for that shy kid and how can […]

How To Beat The January Blues

While it may seem like a strange idea, ‘January Blues’ is a real thing. Towards the end of the year when most people are tired and at the end of their tether, they look to the December break as a welcomed oasis after a long, hard year. But before they know it, the New Year […]

5 Ways To Make The Year End More Meaningful

So, we’re almost at the end of the year…almost! It’s always tough to make that final push towards December and parents may feel a little sluggish this time of the year. So what can families do together to make these last few weeks of the year feel a little lighter? Here are some great tips […]

Do Parents always have to agree?

Spouses are different people, with their own unique backgrounds and experiences informing their everyday parenting decisions. When there is general agreement on parenting scenarios this is relatively easy to negotiate and we can navigate household dynamics as a team. But what happens when parents need to present a united front to their kids yet have […]

Screen Time: Another Way To Think About It

If the COVID-19 taught us anything, it’s that technology is not our enemy. Even though we hated the pandemic we thankfully had technology to help us get through those long, lonely days. Now life is pretty much back to normal and the worry is that kids are even more attached to their tech devices. So […]

Like The Little Mermaid, we all secretly want what we can’t have

Disney’s The Little Mermaid remake has finally hit cinemas and we can totally see what all the buzz is about. But have you ever considered why this story is just so timeless? And why The Little Mermaid’s plight, cut so deep? Well this is because the story holds the essence of one of our greatest […]

Three Things That Parents Of Mentally Healthy Kids Do

If anything positive came out of the pandemic, it was that Mental Health got a PR boost and people around the world began realising that the outside world has a direct effect on their inside well-being, and vice versa. It also made it very clear that when it comes to emotional health, parents and kids […]