A Place For Families

Bambanani is a restaurant concept that acknowledges the needs of both parents and young children alike. It is driven by the belief that happier families create a happier world and that finding balance while raising a family is challenging, yet necessary. Not only does Bambanani offer conscious, upmarket dining but it also provides a deep-breathing space where adults can connect in an engaging, relaxed environment, while children are fully and safely entertained with an array of exciting activities. This one-of-a-kind concept seamlessly incorporates the sophistication of a boutique eatery with the freedom of family fun time and allows the full spectrum of generations to eat, play, learn and have fun together in a beautiful, designer space. Over many years we have proved our model, and our community has come to know Bambanani as the go-to place for families to feel treated and satisfied.

Left in peace, while their kids enjoy good food, great entertainment and educational fun, surrounded by top facilities, upmarket interiors and gorgeous product offerings.

Bambanani has partnered with Alvest Capital and in December 2022, we listed on the Cape Town Stock Exchange, providing our investors with economic exposure to our growth at a listing price of R10 a share. You can see our listing at this link.

We are so excited about this partnership. We think the Altvest platform is revolutionary for entrepreneurs and for the good of all South Africans. They are creating a place where we all can invest in our own economy and benefit from its growth.

Instead of traditional corporate investors, we want to involve Moms and have Bambanani run by savvy women who all, with their individual experiences of being moms, continually bring fresh ideas into the business and by investing, create opportunities for themselves, while still being able to bring up their children and give them the attention they need while growing up.

We would also love Dads and anyone else to invest, but know that for Moms, this investment might be unique and something that excites them.

We are so excited for families to partner with us and to build a place together where we all want to hang out while our kids are growing up and all make money while doing so.

Heads up!

We are closed for the next 3 – 4 days while we upgrade our equipment (from Monday 15 April). We will re-open later this week on the 20 April so please follow us on social media for all the updates. There are so many exciting things happening at Bambanani and we promise it will be worth the wait! ✨️