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– bambanani breakfast –
eggs, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, wilted spinach & tomato – R98

– farmstyle breakfast –
2 eggs, boerewors, mushrooms, bacon, baked beans, chips & tomato – R98

– jozi avo scramble –
scrambled egg, avo, rocket, feta, cherry tomatoes, pumpkin seeds & balsamic reduction on health bread (bacon optional) – R70/90

– u 12’s –
egg, bacon, sausage & tomato – R59

– spicy mince on toast –
with roasted rosa tomatoes – R69

– baked beans & fried egg on toast –
with roasted rosa tomatoes – R42

– muesli breakfast –
seasonal fruit, honey & yoghurt – R59

– flapjacks –
with syrup, seasonal fruit, cream or ice cream – R59

-oatmeal –
with honey, raisins & cinnamon – R59




-light meals-

-vietnamese spring rolls-
rice paper, greens, sprouts, peanut ginger sauce (veg/chicken) (gf, vg) R55/R75

-focaccia sandwich-
mozzarella & tomato R65

-rustic cheesy focaccia with cherry tomatoes and olives- R69

-halloumi & couscous with moroccan dressing buddha bowl- R95

-beef fillet & sweet potato with chimichurri dressing buddha bowl- R105

-chicken & quinoa with red pepper dressing buddha bowl- R95

-chicken prego & chips- R95

-beef prego & chips- R115


– salads –

balkan salad-
tomato, cucumber, red onion, spring onion, red peppers & grated feta (v) R95

-grilled chicken salad-
roasted cherry tomatoes, baby marrow & aubergines R95

-argentinian steak salad-
rocket, roasted red peppers, cucumber & cashew dressing R140

-asian salad-
green, sprouts, carrot, mange tout, cashew nuts & cucumber ribbons (gf, vg) R85

-moroccan salad-
lettuce, quinoa, chickpeas, tomato, grilled brinjal & baby marrow, tahini dressing (vg) R85



-our burger- R99
(add cheese/egg/bacon/avo R15 each)

-chicken burger-
with homemade mayo (schnitzel or grilled) R99

-flamed grilled quarter chicken peri peri, perinaise & chips– R105

-argentinian chimchurri steak 250g-
with choice of side R215

-hake & chips- with tartar sauce R105

-homestyle chicken curry- sambals with rice or as bunny chow R105



linguine or penne 

tomato and chilli R85

-eggplant napoletana-
grilled eggplant in napoletana served with spaghetti R89

-penne fume-
bacon, onion, cream, tomato and brandy R105

bacon, egg and parmesan R105

mushroom, garlic & parsley (chicken or ham optional) R95/R109

-homemade pesto linguine- (gf, vg) R105



baby marrow laces (gf,vg) R32

sweet potato chips R25

bowl of chips R25

mash or sweet potato mash R25

roasted seasonal vegetables R35

small side salad R35

pap and gravy R25

cauliflower rice R25


most dishes served with carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes

mac ’n cheese R49

grilled cheese R45

spaghetti bolognese/napoletana R59

kiddies’ burger R59

kiddies chicken burger (schnitzel or grilled) R59

kiddies’ pizza R55/R75

beef sausage & chips R59

meatballs with mash or rice R59

chicken nuggets, chips R59

hake and chips R59

fish fingers and chips R59

hot dog and chips R59



carrot cake slice R60

chocolate caramel cake slice R60

vanilla caramel cake slice R60

mini viennese torte R180

summer fruit pavlova – meringue, cream & fruit R59

malva pudding & cream R48

(whole carrot or chocolate cake available at your request)




plain or garlic (v) R49

with cheese (v) R59

napoletana & mozzarella (v) R68

ham & mushroom R105

ham & pineapple R105

bacon & banana R105

napoletana with ham R99

seafood mix & chili R129

spicy chicken, spinach, red onion & sweet chilli R105

-quattro stagioni-
ham, mushrooms, olives & artichokes R110

chilli con carne, peppers, onion and chili R110

artichokes, olives, mushrooms & peppers R110

chorizo, onion, mushrooms, peppers & chilli R115

-the modest-
bacon, spinach, caramelised onion, garlic and chilli R105

-pancetta e rosmarino-
crispy bacon, onion & rosemary R105

-bacon, feta & avo- R115


(banting bases R40 extra)


-cold beverages-

sodas 330ml R25

mixers 200ml R22

freshly squeezed oj R45

our green juice
cucumber, celery, spinach, ginger, lemon & green apple R45

fresh carrot juice
(add apple, pear, ginger, celery, pineapple or orange) R45

fruit smoothies R45

power smoothie
milk, dates & banana (cows milk or almond milk) R45/55

tisers R29

bos iced tea R29

iced coffee milkshake R30

milkshakes R32

freezachino R39


-hot beverages-

espresso (90ml) R18

cappuccino (250ml) R30

latte (310ml) R35

cafe mocha R39

hot chocolate with marshmallows R39

rooibos cappuccino R35

matcha latte R35

chai tea R35


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