Our Story

Bambanani is a restaurant concept that acknowledges the needs of both parents and young children alike. It is driven by the belief that happier families create a happier world and that finding balance while raising a family is challenging, yet necessary. Not only does Bambanani offer conscious, upmarket dining but it also provides a deep-breathing space where adults can connect in an engaging, relaxed environment, while children are fully and safely entertained with an array of exciting activities. This one-of-a-kind concept seamlessly incorporates the sophistication of a boutique eatery with the freedom of family fun time and allows the full spectrum of generations to eat, play, learn and have fun together in a beautiful, designer space. Over many years we have proved our model, and our community has come to know Bambanani as the go-to place for families to feel treated and satisfied.

Left in peace, while their kids enjoy good food, great entertainment and educational fun, surrounded by top facilities, upmarket interiors and gorgeous product offerings.