What does anxiety and leap frog have in common?

Anxiety is a horrible state to experience and can really dominate the lives of those who suffer from it. It’s also quite serious when you consider that roughly 301 million people worldwide – that’s 4% of the global population – who suffer from some sort of anxiety disorder. Never mind the ordinary anxiety we all […]

Why is it so hard to change?

Consider this POV: You want to make a change of some kind in your life. Perhaps you want to eat better, or you want to stop procrastinating…but no matter what you do, or how hard you try, you slip back into old habits and are not able to make your honourable efforts stick. Why is […]

How To Power Yourself Up In Spite Of Load Shedding

As the iciness of Winter sets in, load Shedding in is really getting South Africans down. But what if there is a deeper reason for the discombobulation that load shedding sets in motion? What if the blackouts and colder homes were less of a worry than all the feelings it generates in us – the […]


The holiday season is  busy and stressful in ordinary times, but add a pandemic into the mix and things can start to feel pretty overwhelming. So how do you remain mindful during the mayhem and keep your stress levels in check? We’ve rounded up 7 ways to remain mindful and help you really enjoy the […]

How Parents Can Better Manage Their Anxiety

On a normal day, parents feel anxious. But in Covid-times, this is exponential. So what can parents do to get on top of those ‘butterfly feelings’ and free them up to get on with the day? Well there is something that you can do – and if you’re up to the challenge it can be […]